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Whatever happened to the Crow Series?

Okay, so the last few weeks have not gone quite as I had planned. I had some personal stuff come up and was not really in the right mind-frame for sharing. I admit, I retreated back into my hermit-mode for a short while. But this post is not about any of that. THIS post is about what I have been working on during that time.

I've been promising an extensive post and explanation as to the fate of my old Crow Series for a while now. I've also said that I would have something ready to release again fairly soon...

To be honest, I've had the first part ready to publish (with the exception of the cover) for about a month now. I have several ideas for new book covers that I've been dabbling with for the series, but nothing so far really makes my heart sing. I don't know if it's fear of failure stalling my hand or some other subconscious pesterance that is making me procrastinate on finally finishing. The cover is all that's holding me up. The introduction is completely done otherwise, and the next part is close to being finished as well.

Firstly, about the title changes:

As I have written in multiple universes and genres over the years, the world that the Crow Series and its characters reside within is labelled: Tales of the Clandestine. The series that encompasses what was once called The Crow Series is now called The Corvinian Curse.

The first section that I will be releasing is a prequel short, or what one might consider a prologue to the new series, which is entitled The Breaker of Rules. This introduction takes place at Coney Island in 1974 and follows Eustace McFinney, a man with the terrible talent for reading minds. Those of you who've read the original series are likely to remember him very well.

The first book in the original series (previously entitled "Crow") has been extensively revised and expanded. All aspects from the original story are still contained within, but now it has so much more. What was once simply "Crow" is now "Prophecy, Kin, and Crows" and has been broken up into 4 parts due to it's extreme and tome-like length.

Following The Breaker of Rules, I will be releasing Part 1 of Prophecy, Kin, and Crows. So, while I did slink back into hermit-mode for a while (sorry!) I hope you feel that my keen offering today makes up for my previous silence. I shall be posting more info about the series, snippets and teasers, artwork etc over the next few weeks. Hopefully, I'll have a cover to reveal soon as well...

Thank you for reading!

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