Someone, or something is stalking Denora.


Deep in the underbelly of New York City, a troubled young woman has lost it all - her parents, her home and her childhood best friend. She’s broke, practically homeless, and her wayward brothers have gotten themselves into some sort of trouble.


The worst part?

It’s the kind of trouble Denora isn’t prepared for - the magical kind. Denora’s reality is turned upside down, introducing her to a world of talking rats, deadly curses, and a mysterious stranger who promises to help her navigate this daunting new side to the city she thought she knew.


Though gorgeous, green-eyed Silas may be more than willing to lend Denora a helping hand, it’s his secrets that put her in the most danger - because if there’s one lesson you learn growing up in the city, it’s that no one can be trusted.


No one can be trusted.


On the precipice of adulthood, Denora is torn between her old life as a trouble-making New York teen, and the dangerous complications of her newly accepted magical abilities. The mysteries of the Clandestine World, and the heavy burden of saving her brothers from a horrible fate certainly aren’t a walk in the park - and her conflicted feelings for the green-eyed traitor Silas only make matters worse.


When things get messy, Denora turns to a new friend for comfort. Even a girl with the ability to shatter light-bulbs when she’s angry isn’t immune to a sexy set of dimples and a warm smile. But like everything else in the city, the flashing lights can often blind one to the unseen grit of betrayal. Denora’s trust is put to the test, because in this twisted metropolis not just her heart, but her life is on the line.


Not just her heart - but her life is on the line.


Denora Garro has seen her fair share of trouble. She’s street-smart, wickedly sarcastic, and recklessly bold.

She’s also horribly impatient.


After months of idle waiting, Denora can’t stand it any longer. She’s made no progress on her brothers’ curse, her mothers’ secrets remain just out of reach, and she hasn’t heard a word from Silas since he ran off with her enemy.


When a once in a lifetime Clandestine Event is arranged, both friends and enemies unexpectedly return - along with Denora’s hope for a cure. With each step forward, her family’s secrets come into the light. Betrayal comes from someone she least expects, and her enemies take a prize that shatters Denora’s faith in family.


As everything you love goes up in flames, what else can you do but raise hell and take back what is yours!


Raise hell and take back what is yours!

Denora Garro doesn’t want to be found. The safety of her friends and loved ones depends on it. After another unexpected act of betrayal, she’s more determined than ever to free her brothers on her own.

With her mother’s journal in the palm of her hand, Denora is finally putting all the pieces together - unraveling the mystery of Silas’ century old curse, as well as Leena’s true intentions for her and her brothers. Her search guides the wayward young woman through time, showing her the New York of the distant past, and hinting at a dark and impending future.

Will Denora's new discoveries lead her to the closure she so desperately seeks, or will they lead her straight into the clutches of her enemies?

When it comes to love and fate, there is no room for doubt.

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