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Wicked Red Serials

the Wicked Red Serials Project:


In August 2019, Everyn re-opened her Wicked Red Serials Project, launching a new series in a new format. The first episode of I.N.N. was composed through her Patreon, where Patrons received advanced chapters and behind the scenes content while the story was being created. The serial was then released to the public on September 3, 2019.

The Project aims to produce one short story or serial episode per month via the Patreon, with episodes released the following month. Patrons also receive a free ebook copy of the month's story once it is completed as thanks for their monthly Patronage and support for the project


For more information, or to learn about this month's story, please visit The Wicked Red Serials Patreon page.

Curious about serialized fiction? I have a blog post for that!

What is Serialized Fiction?

Serial episodes range from 10,000 to 25,000 words.
You can read the installments like separate stories or follow them in order like episodes of a television series as they are released.

the Wicked Red Serials:





 Vicious Kisses (Yearly Halloween Serial)


For more information, or to learn about this month's story, please visit The Wicked Red Serials Patreon page.


Origins: Rapturous dawn

Everyn as  Wicked Red

Rapturous Dawn Episode One By Wicked Red

Origins of the Wicked Red Project:


In 2015, Everyn took on a secret pen name for a writing experiment she was concocting.

For several months she wrote, edited, produced and released an adult Paranormal Romance / Adventure Serial under the name Wicked Red.

The initial serial contained 5 out of an expected 10 episodes and ranged from 10,000 - 20,000 words a piece. Unfortunately, after producing the first 5 episodes of Rapturous Dawn, Everyn fell unexpectedly ill and the project was put on hold.


​The Rapturous Dawn Serial consisted of several short, inter-connected stories ranging from 10,000 - 20,000 words. They are currently out of print as of 2018 courtesy of "The Great Purge," though I have it on good authority there are plans to re-release the entire 10 Episode Season One sometime in the near future.

You can find more about the original series by visiting the old Wicked Red Serials Blog (2015), or checking them out on the Amazon Author or Goodreads Author pages below:

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