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++Everyn's Yearly Halloween Serial++

Vicious Kisses EP1
Vicious Kisses
 Episode One

Welcome to the quaint and peaceful little town of Muse.
The houses are grand, the landscape is breathtaking, and the residents... they're strangely interesting. At least, Jonathan Clarke thinks so.

A down on his luck novelist with a painful past and a dangerous addiction, Jonathan comes to Muse for a change of scenery and a fresh start. But it's not long before he realizes Muse is not the sleepy little haven he supposed. As the odd occurrences and questions begin piling up around him, Jonathan finds himself drawn to the elusive and beautiful Miriam Saran, a captivating young woman who lives in the historic Saran Estate way out on the edge of town.

Miriam's family is one of the oldest and most infamous in Muse. Just the mention of their name is enough to send the other townsfolk running. It's a mystery the curious young writer can't help but unravel...

Unfortunately for Jonathan, Miriam Saran has many deadly secrets of her own, and even more vicious intentions for him.

Vicious Kisses is a work of serialized fiction

***Due to adult themes, language and violence, this series is recommended for mature readers***

Episodes One is scheduled for re-release in October 2023.

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Vicious Kisses is a work of serialized fiction - short, individual vignettes with an overarching plot.
You can read the installments as separate stories, or follow them in order like episodes of a television series.
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