Introducing Everyn

Everyn Kildare is an independently published author of fantasy and paranormal fiction novels living in New York. She has two young kids, three rambunctious felines, dozens of imaginary friends who keep her up all night demanding their stories be written - and one husband who never gets jealous of all the time she spends lost in her own head.

She likes avocados and bacon, especially together - and drinks way too much black coffee. She also hates talking about herself in third person when writing author bios.


If you'd like to know more about Everyn and her menagerie of imaginary figures, check out MAKING A CHARACTER: THE MOUSE INTERVIEWS, where one of her characters attempts to ask her questions with often unexpected and amusing results.

About the Author:

Everyn Kildare (who also sometimes writes under the name Wicked Red) is a fantasy fiction author from the city of New York. She writes novels in various sub-genres of Speculative Fiction, Serialized Fiction under her Wicked Red Serials Project, short stories and the occasional rambling bit of poetry. She currently runs her own independent publishing company, Paracosm Publishing, and organizes her Wicked Red Serials Project through her monthly Patreon.

Books and Publications:
  • Imaginary Self - A Short Story (1st Edition Published: September, 2013)

  • Crow - The Crow Series: Book One (1st Edition Published: May 2014)

  • Shift - The Crow Series: Book Two (1st Edition Published: December, 2014)

  • Release - The Crow Series: Book Three (1st Edition Published: February, 2016)

  • Curse - The Crow Series: Book Four (1st Edition Published: June, 2017)


Previously Published under the name "Wicked Red":

  • Rapturous Dawn Serial - Episode One: The Great White Bear (1st Edition Published: June, 2015)

  • Rapturous Dawn Serial - Episode Two: The Dragon Prince (1st Edition Published: June, 2015)

  • Rapturous Dawn Serial - Episode Three: The Playwright (1st Edition Published: July, 2015)

  • Rapturous Dawn Serial - Episode Four: The Doppelganger (1st Edition Published: July, 2015)

  • Rapturous Dawn Serial - Episode Five: The Waves of Time (1st Edition Published: August, 2015)

  • Rapturous Dawn Serial - Season One: Episodes One - Five (1st Edition Published: September, 2015)

Wicked Red Serials Project (2019):

  • I.N.N. - Episode One: The Contract (Published: September, 2019)

  • Vicious Kisses - Episode One (Published: October, 2019)

Educational Background:

The New School University: Eugene Lang College.

Dual-Concentration Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy and Creative Writing

Graduated - City-As-School High School (New York, NY)

Attended - John Bowne High School (Queens, NY)