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Everyn's Halloween Giveaway 2019: Winner Announcement

The Halloween Giveaway is officially over! I'd like to CONGRATULATE our WINNER for this year: Kayla Marie Blevins! I've also decided to giveaway a signed Vicious Kisses Bookmark and Book Cover Magnet to the three runner's up: 1 - Jessica Connely 2 - Diane Petsch 3 - Nicole Martin I will be contacting the winners today for shipping info etc. I'd like to thank everyone who participated this year. You all were awesome! We had a few snags, but on the whole the Halloween Events turned out to be a lot of fun. I hope to do this again in 2020! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! #EverynsHalloweenEvent #Halloween #Giveaway #vampire #fangs #ViciousKisses

Everyn's Halloween Giveaway 2019

The Halloween Giveaway is officially up and running. You have until October 30th to get your entries in to the Rafflecopter and I'll announce the winners on Halloween. This year I'm offering the following items: - Scarecrow Classic Vampire Fangs (1 pair) - Golden Skull Novelty Pen (1) - $10 Amazon Giftcard (1) - Vicious Kisses Episode One - Signed Bookmark (1) - Vicious Kisses Episode One - Book Cover Magnet (1) Good Luck and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! #EverynsHalloweenEvent #Halloween #Giveaway #vampire #fangs #ViciousKisses

"Give Us Your Best Scare!" Blog Hop Entry 2019

"Give Us Your Best Scare!" Halloween Blog Hop It's not much of a Blog Hop, since I seem to be the only one submitting this year, but here is my entry nevertheless. I decided to do something a little different and chose to offer a little vampire poem I wrote many, many years ago. The Autumn Path Temptation comes Through the dark, dark woods I can smell her yearning I can taste her fear Baring all She bares her soul The scent so sweet Assault my primal senses Leaves of Autumn Crack and crumble In shades of earth They mark her passing She comes to me Her hair of ebony hue Skin like snow I see her on the dusty path Tears of release Red as my desire Drawn to her That forgiving curve

"Give Us Your Best Scare!" Blog Hop Update

Submissions for the "Give Us Your Best Scare!" Halloween Blog Hop were supposed to wrap up yesterday, but unfortunately, as I feared, there was not much interest from outside parties. I own that. Was my fault entirely. It took me far longer than I expected to get the event set up, giving people not much more than a week to find out about it - much less write and submit something. Add to that my longtime absence from the writing and blogging hemispheres and you get a lot of people who won't submit because they just don't know me. Ah well. Maybe next year will go better. You will get a submission from me regardless (I'll post it this coming Tuesday) and I plan to open the Blog Hop Event Submis

Everyn's Halloween Event 2019: Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

I finally got the Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt set up last night! The third portion of my Halloween Event for this year features a fun little game of hide and seek. I've hidden 12 Jack o'Lanterns on various pages on my author website. Some hide a yummy Treat, and some conceal a spooky Trick. It's just for fun, so have try! See if you can find all 12. Unfortunately, the Scavenger Hunt is for desktop view only (won't work on mobile view) so if you'd like to play, please use your computer. Visit the event page for more info! Everyn's Halloween Event 2019: Okay, so I've told you about the Patreon Event and Vicious Kisses... now let me tell you about the rest of the plan I have concocted for thi

Everyn's Halloween Event 2019: "Give Us Your Best Scare!" Blog Hop

Okay, so I've told you about the Patreon Event and Vicious Kisses... now let me tell you about the rest of the plan I have concocted for this very special month of October. I mentioned in my last post about an online writing community I had once been a part of called Writing.com. In my active years there I myself hosted and ran an assortment of contests, community groups, a review forum, and various games and events - my most popular and favorite of which was my yearly Halloween Event. I've always wanted to start it up again here, but have never had the means to do so until now. I tried starting it up for the first time last year but unfortunately was still too tied down after our recent mov

Wicked Red Serials: October 2019

I'm back and ready to celebrate my favorite holiday of all time! Halloween My website is all dressed up for the occasion, as is my fledgling Patreon which has now become the permanent home of my Wicked Red Serials Project. This month I'm reinvigorating my efforts with the Patreon format and my serialized fiction projects by putting out the first episode of a story I've had curdling in my veins for many, many years. It was originally inspired (much like the first incarnation of Songbird of Souls and the first book of Crow) by a short story that I wrote during college when I was an avid member of my first online writing community, Writing.com. I joined the site when one of the community membe



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