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"Give Us Your Best Scare!" Blog Hop Entry 2019

It's not much of a Blog Hop, since I seem to be the only one submitting this year, but here is my entry nevertheless. I decided to do something a little different and chose to offer a little vampire poem I wrote many, many years ago.


The Autumn Path

Temptation comes

Through the dark, dark woods

I can smell her yearning

I can taste her fear

Baring all She bares her soul The scent so sweet Assault my primal senses

Leaves of Autumn

Crack and crumble In shades of earth

They mark her passing

She comes to me Her hair of ebony hue Skin like snow I see her on the dusty path Tears of release Red as my desire Drawn to her That forgiving curve Just above the shoulder

It beckons me Her lips Her voice Serene as the peace I find within the taste of her Come to me I will make you whole Pressed to my mouth I will bring you to a final Heaven

The pain is gone The night is wrapped in silence Turn your eyes to me, my love See how I adore Tear your flesh, your innocence It pours from you in gentle waves

The crimson stream A tribute to my worship My teeth Finding flesh Silver sighs

-like the toll of silver bells

Contentedness I wrap my arms around her A dark caress

Death is nothing Life is fleeting We have found our harmony between

In the swirl of blood-red leaves She bares her wounded heart On the Autumn Path August 30th 2004


The Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt is still up on my website for your amusement, and I'll be unveiling my Halloween Giveaway in tomorrow's post (but if you'd like a sneak peek at this year's offerings, the Giveaway page is HERE.)

Hope you're all having a fantastic month of October!


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