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Welcome to the Mind of Everyn Kildare:

Adventures in Insomnia

New Release! Prophecy, Kin, & Crows Part One: Funerals & Feathers

Prophecy, Kin, & Crows

Part One: Funerals & Feathers

Denora Garro is all too familiar with grief, having spent years mourning the loss of her parents.

With mere weeks until her 18th birthday, Denora awakens to the news that her childhood best friend has died as well, sending her reeling with sadness and confusion. The weird occurrences only seem to increase as her friend's wake and funeral draws near — strange noises at the window, phone calls from estranged relatives, and the disappearance of Denora's three brothers.

Blinded by the depth of her sorrow, Denora does not notice the crows circling overhead — or the mysterious man who’s been following her across the city…

(THE CORVINIAN CURSE is an expansion and retelling of Everyn Kildare’s Crow Series.)

Available at the following online retailers:

Paperbacks will also be available soon.

Happy Reading!

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