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Welcome to the Mind of Everyn Kildare:

Adventures in Insomnia

Can't be a stereotypical author without a cat... or three.

Okay, I'll admit maybe I'm not a stereotypical author - maybe there's no such thing - but the myth of the writer and their ever-faithful cat happens to be true in this case.

If you've ever perused my Instagram account (and you totally should, because it's probably my favorite of the social media mumbo-jumbo, and I enjoy it much more than the others - but I digress, we were talking about how if you'd ever seen my Instagram...) you'd notice a plethora of cute fluffy feline pics scattered liberally throughout.

There are currently THREE little fluffy-tailed terrors in residence. I also occasionally post pictures of the two who lived with us previously, if I'm feeling overly nostalgic (like the cute pic above of my little Delilah napping on my desk as a kitten).

Caeliafey aka "Fuzzy-butt"

Of course, we've lost a few along the way...

Caelia, (pictured on the right) aka "Fuzzy-butt". (You get the Crow reference? eh? Of course you do!) She passed quietly in her sleep from old age a few years ago. Fluffiest and chillest cat EVER!

Delilah on the other hand "ran away", but that's a whole bitter story I don't want to get into right now. (If you're really that curious, I mention the incident on my old blog HERE)

This adorable terror of tooth and fur was the ultimate feline dominant b!tch and ruled our apartment with an iron claw. My husband claims she was my spirit animal... *chuckles*

I've had a longstanding love affair with cats that stems back all the way to when I was a wee tadpole in my mother's womb, listening to the soft rumble of her big black tomcat's purrs like a lullaby as he'd curl up next to her pregnant belly. I've almost always had at least one feline companion ever since (much to the chagrin of my cat-apathetic father, who begrudgingly allowed me to adopt whatever mewling whisker-faced baby we came across, just to make me happy.)

Without further ado, let me introduce to you the current lap-warmers, and secret fluffy office-snugglers in my life:



Currently the eldest. Likes food, my husband and being left the hell alone (in that order). Doesn't willingly interact with anything he can't digest or be scratched behind the ears by. We love him anyway.



Aka Willow the Wisp, Wispy, and Whisper. Yes, she was named after the character from the movie. Yes, we know the original Willow was male.

She's got the coolest personality, adores both my kids (thus all the extra nicknames) and loves to play. Really have nothing but love for this kitty.

She's pretty awesome <3



The baby but she thinks she's the boss. She too was named after a character from the movie "Willow" along with her sister (we adopted them from the shelter together.)

For some reason she has decided that I belong solely to her. I had no say in this decision. The other cats and I are forced to have secret rendezvous behind her back for cat treats and snuggles.


I'm sure there are those of you skimming this and thinking, "What kind of an oddball posts a blog introducing people to her pets?" and I counter you with, "Ummm... me?"

Considering how often animals (and cats in particular *cough* Silas *cough* Sienna *cough* There are others you haven't read yet...) show up in my work, it seemed fitting that I say something about the real life furry-tailed entities who inspire and comfort me while I work.

And speaking of Sienna, I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned it before, but Denora's ever-faithful feline friend was actually named after a real cat. Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of him on hand (I'll add one later if I can find a good one). He was a stocky, orange and white-striped tomcat of the same name and temperament.

The very cool "Sienna" had been my husband's beloved cat before he unexpectedly passed away. I had the pleasure of getting to know him before he died, and he was one of those animals who leave a lasting impression long after they're gone. If there was ever a "Cool Cat", it would have been him. Boy could have been a whiskered James Dean.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for making it all the way through my feline ramblings <3

Until next time,

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