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Coney Island, 1974


Meet Eustace McFinney.

Keeper of the Realm, Master of Inner Thoughts, Guardian of the Portal, and Most Irritating Womanizer to plague the New York City subway system for decades...

In this short prequel to THE CORVINIAN CURSE (a re-imagining of Everyn Kildare's Crow Series) the infamous mind reading magician takes a memorable trip to Brooklyn's sinful playground of sun, fun, and dangerous amusements... but leaves with something very different than what he'd anticipated...

Available at the following online retailers:
The Crow Series
Masks and Machinations Series
Wicked Red Serials Project
Masks & Machinations
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   The envelope slowly unfolded, opening layer after layer into the soft, crimson petals of a giant rose.
   Tiana dropped it in surprise, and the petals scattered at her feet before bursting into luminous red puffs of smoke. They floated up into the air around her like butterflies, flapping ethereal wings as they twirled, around and around towards the ceiling until they disappeared into the cracked plaster overhead.


Welcome to the Mind of Everyn Kildare:

Adventures in Insomnia
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