Serialized fiction is a complicated thing to try to explain to the uninitiated. There are those who see the influx of "Serials" in the new self-publishing boom as authors trying to milk money out of readers by just chopping up chapters and scenes from a longer novel and publishing them separately.

While it is true that there are unscrupulous people who may do that, authentic serialized fiction is its own writing form and has existed for centuries. The format itself has had ups and downs, gaining and losing popularity, but it seems to be making a come back (and I'm excited about it!)

What is a Serial?

Much like episodes of a television series, which adopted the serialized format and made it shine in its own way, serialized fiction episodes are usually shorter (short-story, novelette or novella-length) and released in short intervals (once per week / every two weeks / once per month etc.) They can span for years if the serial is popular and the author or publisher can continue coming up wit...

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