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Wicked Red Serials: October 2019

I'm back and ready to celebrate my favorite holiday of all time!


My website is all dressed up for the occasion, as is my fledgling Patreon which has now become the permanent home of my Wicked Red Serials Project. This month I'm reinvigorating my efforts with the Patreon format and my serialized fiction projects by putting out the first episode of a story I've had curdling in my veins for many, many years.
It was originally inspired (much like the first incarnation of Songbird of Souls and the first book of Crow) by a short story that I wrote during college when I was an avid member of my first online writing community, Writing.com. I joined the site when one of the community members held a June Nanowrimo while I was on summer break and looking for something to inspire me. Members on the site critiqued and reviewed each others' works, they hosted writing contests and community events, talked all things writing, publishing and beyond. This was back in the early 2000's. I was active on the site for many years, though I rarely visit now, and most of the people I knew there have moved on. But when I was active? I wrote like a demon. I loved the prompt-based writing contests that other members hosted, and I participated in one writing contest in particular on a regular basis: it was vampire-themed and appropriately called the "Steak and Garlic Contest".
The original short that Vicious Kisses and it's characters are based off of was a story that I submitted (and won) for that contest entitled "Vicious Interpretations" - and much like in the original, this Jonathan Clarke has no idea what he's getting himself into when he first approaches the dark and foreboding Saran Manor...

About The Current Episode: October 2019

The Vicious Kisses Serial is part of a once a year celebration I will be hosting on my Patreon in connection with the Halloween Event here on my website. I will be posting the first installment of my vampire serial for my Patrons (starting with Episode 1,) chapter by chapter throughout the month of October. The Episode is also available for pre-order at most online retailers for those who don't want to join, but still want to read.

It is currently slated to release on October 30th 2019.

Vicious Kisses ~ Episode One

Welcome to the quaint and peaceful little town of Muse.

The houses are grand, the landscape is breathtaking, and the residents... they're strangely interesting.

At least, Jonathan Clarke thinks so.

A down on his luck novelist with a painful past and a dangerous addiction, Jonathan comes to Muse for a change of scenery and a fresh start. But it's not long before he realizes Muse is not the sleepy little haven he supposed.

As the odd occurrences and questions begin piling up around him, Jonathan finds himself drawn to the elusive and beautiful Miriam Saran, a captivating young woman who lives in the historic Saran Estate way out on the edge of town. Miriam's family is one of the oldest and most infamous in Muse. Just the mention of their name is enough to send the other townsfolk running.

It's a mystery the curious young writer can't help but unravel...

Unfortunately for Jonathan, Miriam Saran has many deadly secrets of her own, and even more vicious intentions for him.

Episode One is available for Pre-order from the following online retailers:

Curious what I have up my sleeve? Please consider joining the Patreon!

Thanks for Reading!

Much love and appreciation,

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