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If in life you don't succeed...

I'm picking myself up by the britches for what feels like the millionth attempt.

Each time I come back I feel like I'm more prepared. I've learned more, experienced more. Yet, I see less and less results... and the more I fail, the harder it becomes to continue.

But continue I must.

Can't help myself, I guess.

I'm starting this whole shebang up once more. After almost two years of agonizing writer's block, and multiple false starts and failed projects, I think I've finally found a break (and yes, I'm well aware that the BLOCK was me getting in my own damn way, but sometimes it's impossible to get out of your own head and see things clearly.)

Last month I went on a much needed family vacation - the first one we've had since before my son was born (which also means, before I started actively writing / publishing, since I began work on Crow while I was still pregnant with him.) It seems to have been just what I needed to recharge my brain, as I came back home with a flurry of inspiration and countless ideas buzzing around in my head.

I've written or edited everyday for almost two weeks now. I wrote the entire first episode of my new serial in six days. It's the most I've written this whole year. I've already finished the cover, and am knee-deep in the final edits - but I'm also trying really hard to keep a steady pace so I don't burn myself out too quickly, as I usually do.

My Patreon is also back up and running, with Patrons receiving the advanced chapters of my new Wicked Red Serials Project every day this week. I expect to have the first Episode released to the public on the 31st.

After that, I anticipate returning to the desperately needed edits on Songbird of Souls, which will resume postings on Wattpad next month, as I prepare it for official publication later on in the fall.

I'll post again this weekend with more info about my current project, but if you're curious in the meantime, stop by my Patreon and check it out.

As always, thanks for reading!

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