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Getting My $*#t Together: 2019 Edition

I've been absent from this place for quite some time, mentally most of all.

The writer's block that took hold last year has been relentless. I've had several false re-starts and taken on some ambitious projects... but the words have all dried up. A writer not writing goes mad LOL.

My mind's a blank as soon as I sit down at the keyboard. I know the block is in my head, I just haven't figured out how to smash the hell out of it yet.

There has just been too many other things in my life consuming my time and attention. I don't write well with a cluttered mind. I can't hear my characters.

In the meantime, I've been desperately WANTING to work on some of these projects, so I've managed to bully a few newly edited scenes out of myself recently.

So far, so good.

To say that I've been absent from my writing life and blog is NOT saying that I haven't been busy, however. I have started (and ended) a number of projects that I may not have updated you on, as of yet:

1) I Have Shut Down My Patreon... Again.

Do I really have to explain why? Writer's block + guilt = Ugly crying and tantrums. My tantrums. The patrons are awesome and I wish I could be more consistent and write butt-loads of awesome new words for them in a timely fashion. Maybe one day I will finally learn some discipline. I hope...

2) I Have Started My Own Publishing Company.

I put things in motion last year when I pulled all my published books down from online retailers. The intent was to do a full overhaul and revision on my current books and re-release them under my new publishing company in multiple book formats (e-book, paperbacks, hardcover, audio-books). That is still the current plan, it just took far longer to get things moving. My personal life took a sudden and unexpected detour shortly after I got the process started last Spring. My husband injured his back a second time, and we abruptly decided to move. The process is still ongoing almost a year later...

3) I Now Run a Second Business With My Mom.

It's not related to my writing in any way... and I think that's what I like about it.

My mom and I have a longstanding tradition of going to flea markets, vintage boutiques, antique shops and garage sales together. We've done it ever since I was a kid. I've always enjoyed buying old, forgotten things and turning them into other things with other uses. It's kind of therapeutic. Most of my furniture and belongings are covered in paint or some other medium.

My mom, on the other hand, is a collector of all things cool and vintage. A few months ago, she and I had a wishful and whimsical conversation one lazy Sunday morning. We sipped our coffees, daydreaming together about moving out of the city and starting a Bed & Breakfast somewhere quiet where we could have a studio for art and a private office for me to write in. The conversation quickly shifted into the idea of starting our own vintage and handcrafted items store. We named it after my Great-Grandmother, Bernice Marie, who was the one who started the family tradition and inspired the love of antiquing in both my mother and I growing up.

4) I Am Resuming Songbird of Souls posts on Wattpad.

Bringing us full circle to my statement at the beginning: I am earnestly and determinedly forcing edits of Songbird of Souls. It's the start of my new "Getting My S*#t Together Master Plan" *muhahahahaha!*

Okay, not so grand a plan... but I will resume posting it to Wattpad tomorrow, starting with the revised scenes at the beginning while I work the book into shape for publishing (under my new company, once it's finally ready).

I'm hoping to find a proper editor to work with this time around, because I've been informed my "penchant for over-critical perfectionism" is holding my work back and causing unnecessary delays. Maybe having someone else to read it and gently tell me "It's fine, stop fucking with it!" will help get things moving along :P

With that said, it's unfortunately time for me to wrap this blog post up. My daughter is turning 8 this weekend, so I'm in full Mommy-Party-Planning-Mode to boot. I will try to post here again this Thursday, but I'm not making any hard promises yet.

For those interested in checking out the updated version of Songbird of Souls, I'll be putting the new version of Chapter One (Part I) up tomorrow morning. Feel free to leave a vote and a comment there if you enjoy it. I could use all the friendly encouragement I can get right now!

Much Love,

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