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My new Franken-ProjecT: Merging two dead dreams to start anew

Something you may - or may not - know about me is how much I love to try new projects. I like to experiment and get very excited about new creative ideas and methods of doing things I've never tried before. Yes, this does lead to my common problemo of darting around from one overly inspired idea to the next without always finishing everything I start - but sometimes those abandoned projects turn out to be merely "on hold" until I grasp upon a better use or solution to whatever turned me off from the project in the first place.

In this case, my Patreon and my other not-so-secret pen name's pet project, Wicked Red Serials.

I've decided to give both these projects a second chance by merging them into one. It seems almost like a no-brainer that the Patreon model would lend itself well to serialized fiction - and it certainly seems better than trying to sell individual episodes via Amazon or KU, which was a dismal and disheartening nightmare the last time I tried it.

As of August 2019, I have resumed the Patreon project.

The first Episode of I.N.N. was posted for Patrons to read throughout the month of August and has now been officially released on most online retailers.

Patreon subscribers received their completed digital copy for free as part of their subscription.

I've now updated my Wicked Red Serials Page on the website. If you'd like to know more about the project, feel free to head over there.


Episode One - The Contract




Make your dreams a reality. Everything you’ve ever wanted can be yours. Adoring fans, exotic places, a limitless universe for you to explore. We’d like to hire you.

Vittore, Keeper of the Inter-dimensional Navigational Nexus, is having a really bad day. All he wants is to get laid, take a bath, and throw a really killer party for his guests at the I.N.N. Too bad his blazing hot ex-girlfriend, the headliner for the evening's festivities, just up and quit on him. Now Vittore needs to find a new Diva for the Twilight Lounge, the most fantastic performance space in all the universe - and he's set his sights on poor hapless Kristiana, a smoky voiced songstress with grand ambitions and a desire to sing that The Keeper can hardly resist. Taking a contract with The Keeper would fulfill Tiana's wildest dreams - fame, adventure, and an adoring audience each and every night. But life at the I.N.N. also means leaving her old world behind, including Ridley, the man she has professed to love for all time.

If you would like to follow the serials but don't want to use the Patreon subscription model you can still purchase the episodes from the following locations:

Amazon Barnes & Noble Googleplay Kobo iBooks and many more!

Interested in learning more?


Or dive right in and peruse the WICKED RED SERIALS PATREON

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