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NaNoWriMo 2017: 5 Random Facts about Firechild that have Nothing to do with The Story

NaNoWriMo 2017!!!

Don't worry, I won't be posting EVERY day - like tomorrow... I will not be posting tomorrow. I have to work at my other job, and then I will be spending the remainder of my weekend with family. That kind of stuff is important too.

So, in order not to bore the crap out of us both, I decided to mix it up today. Rather than do just another "Nano update / I wrote these many words blah blah" post, I thought I'd give you all a bit about the long and odd journey writing this book has taken me on.

For Day Three I present to you:

5 Random Facts about Firechild that have Nothing to do with The Story

1 - The flame-licked title above was my "placeholder" cover that I made for Firechild when I tried to post chapters of it to Wattpad a few years ago. People seemed to like it, so I'm going to continue using it for the time being. I have no idea what the final cover will be when it gets published, but I will secretly (or not so secretly, since the interwebz is public) tell you that there is a stunning bit of fantasy artwork I've had taped inside of a notebook since I was a wee bitty teen that has always been my "daydream" cover for the first book (by an artist whose name I can no longer remember or seem to find, which is why I'm not posting it without their permission). Will probably never come to pass, but it's fun to ponder the possibilities.

2 - I started writing the very first version of Firechild when I was 14. It was horrible. Like, seriously H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E and it wasn't even my first attempt at writing a book. I should say, the writing was bad, and I will also say that writing improves over time and with practice. But the meat of it, the story, seemed to sink its teeth in and still, to this day, hasn't let go of my jugular. Damn parasitic story-lines and their overly demanding protagonists! In those twenty years, I have made countless revisions, tearing the book apart and writing the story from every angle (and point of view) I could think of, trying to find what format fit my vision best. On the plus side, I've gotten a lot of practice, AND it also means I know this particular story - its world, and its characters - better than most people know their own family and friends. *whispers* Especially since I get to be inside the characters' heads heeheehee....

3 - While engrossed in the version I wrote during my college years, I found it impossible to listen to anything other than the band Stabbing Westward for the entire two months I was working on it. I still have no idea why, but now whenever I hear the song "Everything I Touch" I think of Caven. Other obsessions during the writing of that version (which will eventually become the bulk of the fourth book in the series) include: A) The book "Kushiel's Dart" by Jacqueline Carey which had just been released. B) Avocado, tomato and cheese sandwiches (called an A.T.C.) from a diner that no longer exists (I'm still in mourning!) And C) Sartre... (Who am I kidding? I'm still kind of obsessed with Sartre! *grins*)

4 - I met one of my favorite people in the world because of this book. (Someone in the back just rolled their eyes and mumbled "Oh jeez! Here comes another flashback!") Back when I was writing the very first version of Firechild (like, FIRST EVER!) I happened one day to be sitting in the back of some classroom I barely recall, reading over and making notes in the binder of printed chapters in my lap, instead of paying attention to whatever lesson I was supposed to be there fo.r (My High School years were messy, but those are sordid tales for another day.) A certain curious someone (they know who they R!) kept turning around to see what strange nonsense I was up to. We got to talking about the story, and writing, and notebook doodling and music and... I am always amazed at how seemingly random events can suddenly and unexpectedly connect people together for years to come. :D

5 - I have enough snippets and outlined story arc to pen eight full-length novels in this particular series, making it the most expansive and elaborate paracosm I have ever created. It's also the messiest. There are annexes, character bio sheets, hand drawn maps, and dozens of varying versions of the story-line from two decades of re-tellings.

As for my progress update:

We are now on Day Three and the word-count is sitting pretty at 21,586 (466 new words on Day Two)

*makes miserable pouting face*

1586 / 60000 words. 3% done!

I know my numbers looked different on Day Two, but I had a last minute revelation while re-reading what I'd already written yesterday. Where I thought I was starting off my Nanowrimo at 31,000 words, what I actually had was just under 21,000 words on book one, and another 10,000 words in excerpts for the subsequent books! Eeeep!

So we're actually starting at around 20k written, with an aim of an additional 60k added during Nano, bring it up to around the 80,000 target. That may not be enough to finish book one (I'm anticipating it to be over 100,000 by the end of the first draft) but it'll bring me tantalizingly close to "the end".

To my fellow writers doing NaNoWriMo:

I wish you feverishly inspired stories that pour out in waves, and equally speedy typing fingers! Good Luck To All!!!

Thanks For Reading!

For those of you scratching your heads and mouthing "NaNoWriMo?" with a puzzled expression:

NaNoWriMo is a month long event where both fledgling and professional writers alike commit to writing 50,000 words within the month of November (30 days). It is a shortening of "National Novel Writing Month" and has participants all over the world.

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