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What's This? -GASP- Another Teaser from Silas' POV!

I promised that I'd put up something fun this week. I felt like I owed you one for flaking out and disappearing for half the summer.

This is more than a snippet, and less than a full scene - but still kind of fun, especially since it mirrors the one from the original book. Instead, it gives you Silas' interpretation of things, which aren't quite the way Denora saw them (I'll blame supernatural senses and a more thorough understanding of the magical world heh heh heh...)

Without further rambling, because we know I can go on and on if I don't stop myself... here's a little sample of "Silas". I took a nice big chunk out of the original Chapter Five, when Silas shows up unexpectedly at Soda's place looking to speak with Denora about her brothers.

And I probably don't have to say this by now, but if you haven't read the first book already, obviously spoilers 'n shit incoming...

When Silas shows up unexpectedly at Soda's apartment after the funeral

Crow - from Silas' POV:

I lingered as I reached the indicated apartment and took a slow breath. Everything was silent and still. My acute hearing could just barely make out the muffled sound of her voice on the other side of the door.

Why the hell am I so nervous? Just do it.

I knocked hard and insistently. This had to be done. She needed to know and there was no time for all this messing around. The sooner I told her, the sooner we could fix what had happened to her brothers - and I could get away from her and this peculiar strangeness I felt whenever she was near.

A young man’s voice barked angrily through the door, “Who is it? And this better be good, asshole, because it’s two in the morning!”

Ugh. The boyfriend…

I rolled my eyes, “Is Denora here? I need to speak with her.”

A smile curled unbidden up the side of my face as I heard her curse heatedly on the other side, “How the fuck?”

“Denora, I’m not going to go away.” I said loudly, “We really need to talk.”

There was a loud thunk as the door was unbolted, but the blue-haired boy stood between us in the doorway. Her face flushed slightly as our eyes met, and I felt my pulse quicken in response.

I observed all of her at once - her fluttering gaze, her tussled hair, the inner tag of her t-shirt sticking out just above her chest.

“Your shirt is on backwards.” I said.

I couldn’t help feeling a little smug that I’d disrupted their intimate moment. For some reason the very thought of his hands on her made my blood boil.

“Move.” I said to him, “Denora and I need to talk in private.”

He squared his shoulders, “Dude, if you think I’m letting you in here, you must be nuts.”

I almost laughed in his face. If he only knew how non-threatened I felt by his show of bravado.

“Listen, little boy…” I growled, “…this is none of your business. Do you know how easy it would be for me to—”

Her eyes widened with distress and she hurried over to his side, placing her hand on his arm. I immediately felt awful for upsetting her, ashamed that I kept allowing this strange, unsettling feeling get the better of me. I should never have threatened her boyfriend.

Idiotic move.

Apparently she thought so too.

“Boys are so stupid.” She said, shaking her head with a subtle grin, “Enough guys, please.”

At her simplest command we both came to heel obediently. I wanted to laugh at the absurdity of my own reaction.

The blue-haired boy frowned into her eyes with a silent question.

“It’s okay, Soda.” She said reassuringly to him, “I need to talk to him, whether I like it or not.”

I grinned, crossing my arms over my chest as I watched him skulk away.

Denora held the door open for me and I held my breath as I felt the full force of her gaze across the threshold. The way she looked at me made me feel giddy and senseless. I shook the feeling away, and she shut the door firmly behind me as I quickly stepped through.

“You’re not staying.” She said sharply the moment I began to slide my arms free of my coat.

I paused in surprise.

She certainly likes to give orders. Typical, bossy Duvain.

I shrugged it the rest of the way off and fixed her with an unwavering smile as I draped it over the back of a nearby chair. I refused to let her order me around like a lapdog, just because she probably could if she wanted to.

No, that’s absurd. Stop being such a moron and just tell her already!

“Okay, Mister Green Eyes, so how did you find me?” She said, one eyebrow raised and a stunning grin curling the corner of her lip.

By God, I think she was actually happy to see me!

My mind raced, and I quickly blurted the truth, since it was the simplest and least likely for me to screw up, “I followed the crows.”

Her eyes widened in disbelief, then her grin shifted downward with displeasure.

“You followed the crows?” She picked my leather coat up off the back of the chair where I’d left it and tossed it at me with force. I barely caught it in my fist before the leather slapped against my face. Gritting my teeth, I felt my temperature rise as if she’d struck me with her own hand. “I’ve changed my mind.” She said, trying to usher me towards the door without touching me, “You’re a lunatic. Get out.”

I clenched my jaw and stood firm, my shoulder leaning against the wall. She couldn’t make me move an inch without having to lay hands on me to do so, and I wasn’t particularly opposed to her laying hands on me, especially since she couldn’t physically hurt me. So I didn’t budge.

“There is no easy way to say this. No way that will make sense. You need to listen nonetheless.” I huffed in exasperation.

She stopped trying to telepathically dislodge me from several inches away and narrowed her gaze suspiciously.

“Were you dating Mari? Do you know anything about why she died?”

I frowned at her in confusion. I wasn’t acquainted with anyone by that name.

“What?” I responded, shaking my head in denial, “No, I wasn’t involved.”

“Then why are you here?” She grumbled in frustration, “What is so damn important?”

Perhaps she was more annoyed about me disrupting her dalliance with her boyfriend than she’d let on. Nothing to be done about it now - I had a job to do, and there were three miserable crows outside counting on me to make her listen.

“It’s about your brothers…” I finally said.

Her whole body went rigid with surprise, a pained expression taking hold of her lovely face.

“Where are they?” She spat heatedly, “Do you know where? What happened?”

Ah, she had noticed they were gone. That would make this easier to explain.

The forlorn look in her eyes ate away at me, and I finally moved away from my firm stance against the wall, coming towards her and placing my hand on her shoulder. I don’t know why I felt the overwhelming need to comfort her. She was a blasted Duvain, after all.

“Take a deep breath.” I said, grasping her gently by the elbow and leading her over to sit on the cushions of the lumpy dumpster-salvage of a couch, “I need you calm for this.”

If you want to read the first "Snippet of Silas" I posted on my old blog, I will link to it --> HERE.

If you'd like to read more of these segments from Mister Green Eyes' point of view, let me know! I've actually written quite a bit more of this and wouldn't mind spending some extra time playing around in Silas' head *grin*

Thanks for reading!

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