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Making A Character: The Mouse Interviews

Not sure if you've noticed, but I finally got around to re-posting my imaginary interview with Mouse, the character I invented entirely for that purpose. There's now a nice little section just for him HERE, along with the updated version of our first interview (from last year). I'm also scribbling away on a brand spankin' new one, since Mouse decided to pay me another unexpected visit recently.

YAY! Mouse got a second chance to entertain me... err, I mean you. Not sure when I'll post the new interview yet, possibly sometime after I've gotten a chance to clean it up. Have to make it intelligible and more fit for human consumption first.

Here's a Sample of Mouse's Introduction:

(or you can click the link above and read the whole dang thing!)

Mouse sucks his teeth and rolls his eyes like a practiced teenager, “Oh, please! You know you set that up. You’re like the evil puppet-master, putting the pieces into place and sitting back to eat your bucket of salty popcorn while you watch it all explode in front of you.” His arm attached to the floral-topped hat jerks up and down as he waves it at me in accusation, all the while the words pour out of him in a single breath before he heaves in another mouthful of air, “Don’t act so innocent - you know you love it!” “More than you could possibly imagine - but the stories still sometimes take on a life of their own. Occasionally characters make decisions us writers don’t expect, and stories take a turn that the writer wasn’t anticipating. More than once I’ve added a side character to a story in passing who turned out to be more important than I knew when I initially created them.” “Is that how you write your books? Just plop down some exotic scenery, make up a few tormented characters, then set them loose to run amok and give you a story?” I narrow my eyes at his mocking tone, my lips forming a hard line. Mouse withers in front of me as he realizes his mistake. “Take my story in a direction I don’t like, and I’ll be forced to re-write you.” I say evenly. Mouse gulps hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing up his long thin neck like a buoy in turbulent waters. “No. You’re goading me, aren’t you?” I grumble, leaning my elbows on the surface of the imaginary desk as I peer up at him from beneath my frustrated brow. Mouse sighs, his stiff shoulders melting in to a more casual pose as he observes me, waiting to see what I’ll do next. “Of course that’s not how it works. What a terrible story that would make! No direction. No plot. No point to care for the characters, or their adventures.” I smile, my anger momentarily muted, “Sure, some characters are entertaining purely based on their personalities. You could listen to them blather on and on about absurdity, and they’d still engage you with their wit and lively delivery.” “Like me?” He grins elatedly again, his dark eyes twinkling like a child who’d just won his first gamble. “I haven’t decided if I want you to be witty or not.” I respond. Mouse deflates, and he leans back against the edge of the desk, his fingers gripping the straw hat so roughly I hear the brim snapping in his fist. “I don’t like the way you’re looking at me.” He grumbles, half under his breath, “I feel as if my fate has been sealed and you’re already tightening the noose around my neck.” “Maybe you’d worry less about your neck if you kept to task and did what I asked of you in the first place?” I prompt. Mouse blinks several times in confusion and I groan, shaking my head in exasperation, “The interview?”

Click here for the rest Thanks for Reading!

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