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Let's Kick Off The New Blog with a TEASER!

I mean, why the heck not?

It's Tuesday! What else do I have to look forward to other than tacos and margaritas? Mmmm entertaining words. Even better!

How about a itty-bitty peek at Book Five, now that Curse is out and about? Forgot I wrote it already, didn't you?

Check out this snippet from Redeem -

The Fifth and Final Book in The Crow Series:

A slight smirk curled over the corner of his lip and he pressed it firmly into the side of my head before shifting his body to stand. I watched him quietly as he made his way over to the fridge and yanked open the white-enameled door. For the first time I could remember, every inch of his fridge was packed with food. Cold air swirled up from the shelves, a visible contrast to the thickening New York humidity of early summer. “Someone hit the jackpot.” I joked, reaching for the ice cold beer he held out towards me. Soda shrugged, grabbing one for himself before pushing the fridge door shut with his knee. He snorted a bitter laugh as he popped the top of the can with his thumb, “I wish.” It broke my heart to see him like this. It was almost as bad as that night after Mari’s funeral. “You ever wonder how we would have turned out if none of this had ever happened?” He mused, taking a slow sip from his shiny metal can before returning to his seat beside me on the sofa. “No Ru? No Silas? No crows and curses?” I laughed, “Hard to even imagine it now.” Soda took another long swig from his can as a contemplative silence settled between us. “We probably would have ended up together.” I said bluntly, “And we’d probably be just as miserable as we are now - only with sex.” Soda’s blue eyes widened with surprise and he sputtered out the mouthful of beer he’d been about to swallow. “You know it’s true.” I laughed, smirking like a wicked imp as he wiped the dribbles of liquid off his chin with the back of his hand. “I’m glad we never took it that far. I like us better the way we are now.” He said with a broad grin. I tucked my head into the curve of his shoulder, settling easily into his warmth, “Me too. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Soda sighed contentedly, resting the side of his cheek over the top of my messy hair, “Ditto.”

I love those two. *sigh* I'm going to miss them when the series is finished.

Speaking of which, I know I just published Curse, and I've got a whole bunch of projects I have to wrap up at the moment (getting the blog transitioned over to the new site being one of them) but I'm already getting anxious to dig into the final book in The Crow Series. I anticipate it needing a thorough shredding during the first few rounds of edits. Have to make sure all of Denora's various threads are all either knotted or snipped by "The End" in a suitable way. Not even going to attempt an e.t.a. on it until the edits are further along. But until then, I have other fun snippets and scribblings to share with you.

Also, in case you can't tell, I'm LOVING the new blog-space. Just needed to say that. :D

Thanks for reading!

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