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Adventures in Insomnia Version 3.0

I can't believe I'm doing this for a third time... maybe more than third... I've remade this blog too many times and I've lost count.

And... I've already started rambling, so I guess you're getting to know me pretty quickly. I'm the author commonly known as Everyn Kildare (sometimes known as Wicked Red, among other names - not all of them nice).

I'm pretty damn sure this is at least the third incarnation of "Adventures in Insomnia". I've made other blogs too, but this is the only one that's survived - probably because it's linked to my writing and book publishing projects.

Here's a little background, for those uninitiated in the ways of Everyn:

I started the very first attempt at this blog on my 30th Birthday back in 2013. I was in my third trimester of pregnancy with my son, felt as huge as a whale, had that whole "mommy-as-machine" thing going on and really, desperately wanted to be writing again. Writing was a part of me, and had been for as long as I could put two words together to form an idea. At that time in my life, writing was the only part of me that I felt was completely mine.

Sleep? When baby allows it. Eat? When you have time. Shower? What the fuck is that? You mean with water? OMG I remember those!

A friend of mine suggested starting a online blog. I think I scoffed at the time, but now in retrospect I think over the past four years "Adventures in Insomnia" has kept me motivated. I've certainly done more with my work since starting the blog then I ever did in the years prior to claiming my little patch of virtual writing-space.

I've been writing far, far longer than I've been blogging. I decided I wanted to be a word-scribbler for life at the tender age of 7, after writing a ridiculously adorable and self-absorbed poem about the things I loved in my life (including myself, apparently) which was subsequently printed in my elementary school's yearly publication of student work.

I was hooked. Not sure on what, but I wanted more...

I've pretty much been a writing-obsessed creative menace ever since.

Why is it called "Adventures in Insomnia"?

When I first started this blog I was 8 months preggo, and then shortly after that I was juggling a two-year-old and breastfeeding a newborn - which equals NO FUCKING SLEEP EVER.

In those early months most of my posts were done in the wee hours of the morning, when I was the only soul awake in my apartment - whether I wanted to be or not - and it was quiet enough for me to form a complete sentence without being bombarded by life. Outside of that, I've had issues with over-thinking and under-sleeping for as long as I can remember. The name fit, and then it stuck. I don't feel like changing it, so I don't.

Welcome to Adventures in Insomnia...

So, why are these young people enthusiastically cheering? ------->

Because, Everyn wants to celebrate! A shiny new blog kind of feels like moving to a new place. Everything is unfamiliar, exciting and... well, NEW!

The very first "Adventures Blog" (I'm shortening it because I'll be damned if I keep typing all that out) was a lovely - if sparse - collection of my attempts to write, edit and independently publish my first book. I didn't succeed until May 2014, but it was a start. Unfortunately, after a year or two of blogging I found I could no longer afford the paid website fees. They kept doubling, and I wasn't making any money on my books yet to compensate.

When it comes to "buy food vs. buy some shit for my writing career" my kids' empty bellies tend to take the lead. It's a decision I've made time and again the past few years, and one I'll probably make again. Needless to say, the paid blog got downgraded for a sufficient (though not as cool or professional) Blogspot / Blogger thing. It did the job. I have no regrets.

The first time I had to move the blog I transferred ALL the previous posts to the new one. After two years I had maybe 60-70 posts. I downloaded, then re-published each and every one of those original posts to the Blogspot Blog. Two more years down the line, I've now got over 100 posts (I had some slow years... 2015 kinda sucked, 2016 was worse).

Well - I'm NOT doing that again! Basically, the old blog will stand. I will link to old content as necessary, but this incarnation will be fresh as a baby's you-know-what. "Adventures in Insomnia 3.0" is going to be like the flashier, more capable older sibling, rife with experience and large amounts of alcohol. (Take that younger sibs. This bitch is calling you out! Kidding - I wuvs you <3)

-Eherm- Moving on...

Which is basically what I'm doing. :D

This blog marks another turning point for me - I started strong, I got knocked down a bunch of times, and like a glutton for punishment I'm trying again. I've learned a whole fuckin' lot in the past four years and more than anything, I'm looking forward to future Adventures in this new patch of virtual-space. (It's so damn SHINY I might go blind! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!)

Until next time,

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