Songbird of Souls         Masks and Machinations - Book I


    Once in a generation, a woman is born with the ability to manipulate the emotions of others through her song.
    Silvanni Eddowes is the Songbird of Souls - given the illustrious title of "The Syrene", and thrust into the decadent world of The Fair who rule the walled City of Kenmor.
    But Silvanni is the eighth daughter of a washerwoman from The Gray, raised as a singer and actress in The Veridan Theatre. This new life and title whisks her away from the poverty and hardships of living in the lower slums, but it also separates her from the impetuous young actor who'd loved her since they were children.
    After years abroad, cruel fate has summoned The Songbird of Souls back home to Kenmor, just as a treacherous plot puts her childhood companion's head on the chopping block. With nowhere else to turn, Linus Lahoul seeks out the only person with any power he's ever known - The Syrene.
    The Songbird of Souls has to make a choice, because saving her wayward friend may cost Silvanni more than she's willing to gamble - her new life and her freedom.

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