Not just her heart - but her life is on the line.


Denora Garro has seen her fair share of trouble. She’s street-smart, wickedly sarcastic, and recklessly bold.

She’s also horribly impatient.


After months of idle waiting, Denora can’t stand it any longer. She’s made no progress on her brothers’ curse, her mothers’ secrets remain just out of reach, and she hasn’t heard a word from Silas since he ran off with her enemy.


When a once in a lifetime Clandestine Event is arranged, both friends and enemies unexpectedly return - along with Denora’s hope for a cure. With each step forward, her family’s secrets come into the light. Betrayal comes from someone she least expects, and her enemies take a prize that shatters Denora’s faith in family.


As everything you love goes up in flames, what else can you do but raise hell and take back what is yours!



Warning: Contains Spoilers


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