Raise hell and take back what is yours!


Denora Garro doesn’t want to be found. The safety of her friends and loved ones depends on it. After another unexpected act of betrayal, she’s more determined than ever to free her brothers on her own.


With her mother’s journal in the palm of her hand, Denora is finally putting all the pieces together - unraveling the mystery of Silas’ century old curse, as well as Leena’s true intentions for her and her brothers. Her search guides the wayward young woman through time, showing her the New York of the distant past, and hinting at a dark and impending future.


Will Denora's new discoveries lead her to the closure she so desperately seeks, or will they lead her straight into the clutches of her enemies?


When it comes to love and fate, there is no room for doubt.


Warning: Contains Spoilers


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