Someone, or something is stalking Denora.


Deep in the underbelly of New York City, a troubled young woman has lost it all - her parents, her home and her childhood best friend. She’s broke, practically homeless, and her wayward brothers have gotten themselves into some sort of trouble.


The worst part?

It’s the kind of trouble Denora isn’t prepared for - the magical kind. Denora’s reality is turned upside down, introducing her to a world of talking rats, deadly curses, and a mysterious stranger who promises to help her navigate this daunting new side to the city she thought she knew.


Though gorgeous, green-eyed Silas may be more than willing to lend Denora a helping hand, it’s his secrets that put her in the most danger - because if there’s one lesson you learn growing up in the city, it’s that no one can be trusted.

Warning: Contains Spoilers


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