No one can be trusted.


On the precipice of adulthood, Denora is torn between her old life as a trouble-making New York teen, and the dangerous complications of her newly accepted magical abilities. The mysteries of the Clandestine World, and the heavy burden of saving her brothers from a horrible fate certainly aren’t a walk in the park - and her conflicted feelings for the green-eyed traitor Silas only make matters worse.


When things get messy, Denora turns to a new friend for comfort. Even a girl with the ability to shatter light-bulbs when she’s angry isn’t immune to a sexy set of dimples and a warm smile. But like everything else in the city, the flashing lights can often blind one to the unseen grit of betrayal. Denora’s trust is put to the test, because in this twisted metropolis not just her heart, but her life is on the line.

Warning: Contains Spoilers


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