Welcome to the Mind of Everyn Kildare:

September 2019 Ambitions and Updates:

This month kicked off with a BANG! with the publication of I.N.N. and the continuation of last month's Patreon success. I am determined to be more consistent, and have been pushing hard through migraines and whatnot to keep on track with the new "plan". I am, but slowly, trying to rebuild. I feel like each Patreon project and the ensuing monthly publications has become akin to laying a brand new foundation, one brick at a time, in the giant hole I'd dug myself into over the past two years. It is a little hard sometimes to stay motivated when I feel like I'm starting from scratch all over again, in a publishing climate that is even more complicated and overflowing than it was when I began thi

My new Franken-ProjecT: Merging two dead dreams to start anew

Something you may - or may not - know about me is how much I love to try new projects. I like to experiment and get very excited about new creative ideas and methods of doing things I've never tried before. Yes, this does lead to my common problemo of darting around from one overly inspired idea to the next without always finishing everything I start - but sometimes those abandoned projects turn out to be merely "on hold" until I grasp upon a better use or solution to whatever turned me off from the project in the first place. In this case, my Patreon and my other not-so-secret pen name's pet project, Wicked Red Serials. I've decided to give both these projects a second chance by merging the



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