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Songbird of Souls: New Chapter One Excerpt

Today I'm feeling strangely optimistic. I'm also feeling compelled to post a Songbird of Souls teaser for #TeaserTuesday. So... yeah that's what's going on here. A little background info if you haven't read anything about my new steampunk series yet: Songbird of Souls takes place in the walled island city of Kenmor. There's strange mechanical devices that can drive a man violently insane, musical mayhem, political intrigue, smart-ass prostitutes and cannibals with a sweet tooth. There are the obligatory airships, creepy bone-filled catacombs, lavish concert halls, and an isolated observatory (filled with macabre experiments and overly-chatty automatons.) That's Book One. Today's teaser is on

Getting My $*#t Together: 2019 Edition

I've been absent from this place for quite some time, mentally most of all. The writer's block that took hold last year has been relentless. I've had several false re-starts and taken on some ambitious projects... but the words have all dried up. A writer not writing goes mad LOL. My mind's a blank as soon as I sit down at the keyboard. I know the block is in my head, I just haven't figured out how to smash the hell out of it yet. There has just been too many other things in my life consuming my time and attention. I don't write well with a cluttered mind. I can't hear my characters. In the meantime, I've been desperately WANTING to work on some of these projects, so I've managed to bully a



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