Welcome to the Mind of Everyn Kildare:

Songbird of Souls: Third Teaser (not quite a pleaser...)

I'm in an odd mood... somewhere between "super chill / self-reflective" and "frantically inspired". I can't quite grasp onto either one right now, but random songs have been giving me emotional goosebumps lately. Also, ground disappearing beneath your feet-type stomach flutters. It tells me both that change is coming, and that I'm about to get mowed over by a fast-moving stampede of inspiration which will likely consume me for a great while. I'm game. I feel like last year was so productive and this year my word-count says I barely wrote 70K in new written work total. But that's okay, because I HAVE been planning and preparing ideas - and we all know I have way too many of those already *lau

NaNoWriMo 2017: The Predictable and Inevitable End

NaNoWriMo 2017!!! Not gonna bullshit - I didn't have very high hopes for my Nanowrimo this year going into it. This wasn't my first attempt at the "Official" November Nanowrimo. I've done it every few years for the past 15 or so, and I've never succeeded at the November one. I HAVE succeeded in off season "Unofficial" ones that are run (and I have run a few myself in the past) during the summer months, namely June or July. I blame holidays and all that rot... *cough cough* Excuse me, I mean, "awesomely fun events" that consume every waking moment of my life for roughly 2+ months every year. I am finally accepting what I should have already learned from my past experiences: I cannot Nano in N



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