Welcome to the Mind of Everyn Kildare:

A crust so flaky... but the pie's not done.

I said I was going to do something special this month - something BIG, a big ol' project I've been planning for a while (actually the idea came to me a year ago and has been slowly bubbling in the back of my brain) - but it doesn't matter, because my own mind has depression-soaked and procratinatingly-paralyzed me once again. Shortly after my last post I got sick - not just "my kids bring home every cold, stomach bug, and flu as soon as school kicks off" kind of sickness (had that too though), but it led to daily migraines, extreme apathy, overwhelming fatigue and spiraling depression. Insomnia has returned as well. I could barely function - just enough to facilitate my familial obligations

TeaserTuesday - Songbird of Souls Edition #2

I haven't done a teaser in a few weeks, and since I'm gearing up for my Steampunk Event-thing-project or whatever (*cough* I heart puns and yes I'm a dork *cough*) I thought I'd do another sample from S.o.S. today. My brain seems fixated on this scene lately, even though I wrote it over a year and a half ago. Perhaps you'll understand why when you read it... Songbird of Souls - Masks and Machinations: Book I There was a loud clamor of voices that echoed from outside the bar on the main strip, and everyone simultaneously turned towards the door. Linus stooped his head to peer curiously out through the warped glass window to find the odd silhouettes of a gathering amassing curiously outside. A



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